Indie Book Review: Sent For Life by Jason Turri

Sent for Life guides us through a journey of bad decisions taken by Donovan to an amazing and intergalactic adventure. Marked by misfortune, the main character is literally hunt by bad luck or just faith. An incredible story that proves that what does not kill you, makes you stronger – Inkish Kingdoms

Sent for Life.jpgI was honored by the author of this book to do this review under his request. I was so excited when he gave to me a copy of the book! *hyperventilates*

Once I got home and saw the cardboard box laying there… I knew it was time for a deep sci-fi adventure. I even stopped reading all other things that I was reading… even for college… *choices*

The story, I must grant, is full of twists. It takes you all the way in hopes and then plunges us down to reality and to disappointment. Do not get me wrong, what I mean with disappointment is for the character per se. Let me elaborate on this. He makes so many mistakes, makes so many bad turns… takes so many stupid decisions… Turri intended to create a character  that based on his poor choices in life, will end up in the right and wrong place for the sake of all.

Turri creates such a great character, so real, and so arrogant on his own hypocrite selflessness, that you can root for him, hope his death, and yell his name for saving us all. The main character, Donovan, is so well developed. He is a scientist with a high ego and high self-esteem… weird for a scientist… *sarcasm*. The book has a first person narrative, and his word choice not only enhances the fact of this “superiority” and scientist background, but also makes him a bit annoying as he tries so hard to sound smart and under control.

Adding some more on the character, this is a 38 years old grown up man, whose more savage and biological instincts will bloom in the presence of a pretty women. He becomes almost unable to control himself (I even thought that he suffers from some sort of pathology). He sees one pretty woman and he falls in love and forgets about the previous one… just like Ted in How I Met Your Stupid Mother… (I do hate that show) It seems that he worked under sexual instincts mostly sexualizing all women around.

The story is narrated in a linear time (mind the time). Event X happens and event X finishes leading to even Y that happened because of event Z that happened because event X and ended and started event Y… because event Z happened… (yes… complicated) The author of the novel literally plays with time and space. Between events, we skip a lot of fillers that would have not added any value to the story which I like because it creates questions and creates the sensation that one is starting a new story. Moreover, I like how the author utilices the magical device of “Deux ex Machina” (Komi) which without it, nothing would have been resolved (event X… and Z… mainly). I would have loved to know more about Komi. (no spoilers allowed)

Deux ex Machina was a devised used usually on the Greek dramas. This device was used when a situation that seemed unsolvable is resolved out of the blue by the device intervention. The intervention could also be new events, characters, under the sleeve abilities, or objects.

At some point, I came with the question if the main character is the herald of destruction? It seems that whenever he goes, there is destruction, death, and the immense chances of destruction, but happily and sadly never his…

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Sent for Life

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“Take pride in your pain; you are stronger than those who have none” ― Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue.jpg

I remember that the first time I read this book I had a horrible time reading it. I came with all the eagerness to know what happen to Jonas, and this book was nothing related to “The Giver”, or does it?

Lowry presents to us a total different kind of society from the first book: a dystopia. However, how far away is the society created by Lowry compared to our society? Isn’t our society none inclusive? Isn’t our society leaving disable people outside and marginalize? Don’t we live in a world that preaches the survival of the fittest? We see a violent and rough world not only for the disabled, but also for the rest of the population.

This world is designed for the “fittest” and for the “healthy”. If you are different, the opportunities available are minimum, and health is sold as a luxury regardless of how fit are you. So, are we leaving in a fair world? No, I do not think so. We all have different skills and are unique, with unique abilities. Just because one is different or disabled, does not make them less and that is what society makes us think.

Regarding the characters, I really like how Kira’s superiority in speech demonstrates that even when you are disabled you can be educated. She is smart and intelligent and she is functional. Her speech and vocabulary shows that she is a diamond in the rough. Another part that I really liked about the story is the constant repetition of history and the human failures just like James Thurber on his poem “The Last Flower”. It does not matter how much we fail; we always go back to the same mistake. And again, we prove that customs are not wise, and much less when one does not even know why we do it. Religion and the cross those are symbols and allusions on the text, and we see how they worship them without know what they are or what they meant.

Again, fear controls people and that is what the garment does on the novella. Fear the monsters, do not get away, do not go beyond the boundaries, do not go into the forest, isn’t that the same theme that we saw in “The Village”. Are they keeping the monsters outside? Or are they keeping us captured?

Another theme that is discussed is freedom. What makes us free? Making our own mistakes, taking our own decisions, that makes us free. Kira found that out, that she was not free, she was under the illusion of what freedom was.

I cannot wait to read the next book on this saga! “Messenger” what news will it bring? or which adventures are we going to face? This audiobook was amazing and the book was incredible (after the second time reading or listening). It was good since the beginning, but I was just to existed to know what happened to Jonas. Keep reading! And start commenting! (PS: This is one more book of my own list to read for this year, if you have not check it out ⇒CLICK ME⇐)

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Gathering Blue

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I honestly have never been part of one of this awards or tags, and I am a bit scared or intimidated that I will not do it right… haha that is my regular paranoia, so lets hope for the best and I hope you enjoy my questions, answers, and the rest of what I write here or there or on any other page… I am pretty much everywhere haha

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  2. I am growing sunflowers and I called them all Sunfloras… (yes, I am that kind of hermit) I am super exited and I take a look at them every day and make sure that no bug is attacking them (Super effective!) I have started talking to them… Someone told me that it helps haha (who is little sunny? who is daddy’s little sunny?… weird… I know XD)
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 The Uncharted Word Questions

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Oh jesus… This is a hard one… but I will go with Queen Victoria! I mean, oh my god… the Victorian era was one of the most influential eras on the history of UK in regards of technological advancements and literature upswing! Literature in those days was tainted with so many colors: social criticism, sexual repression, women rights and repression, vices of humanity, devolution and evolution, religious conflicts, colonialism, mystery, gothic, ghost, everything! And all because she was such a lover of literate!

Your majesty, would you like to have a cup of tea? I would like to talk to you about Lady Audley’s Secret!

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Oh sweet baby jesus! I know this one up front! It would be comedy with some touch of drama… (which is a weird combination because you wouldn’t know if you should cry or laugh) I think I can be a clown sometimes (a funny one, not a creepy one XD) and what is life without a touch of drama and conflicts? I have laughed so hard and cried so bad, and the best part is that the crying part most of it has been for the stupid things that happened around me and even the things that I say. It is so common for me to laugh until I cry.

       3.  Are you a morning or night person?

I am a… morning person (?) I think that I am like 51% day and 49% night… haha this was complicated. I like to go to work early in the morning so that I can go home, school, eat, or anything else early in the afternoon, but it is so hard for me to wake up… I try and the mornings are always accompanied of quick showers, regrets of the typical “5 more minutes,” and a sprint down hill for the bus… I usually go to bed late… but I am not a night party kind of person anymore… I have the weight of the years on my shoulders. haha

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I cannot choose… One of my favorite things is to eat… eat… and eat… and eat a little bit more… I love as everybody does: Pizza! I like chinese food so much! and german food… I want to eat the world up! I think that is my sin… gluttony haha (I am not fat… so don’t worry XD) I even went to Borough Market and I almost die of indecision… If I would have had enough cash… *cries in spanish while eating a shawarma*

       5. Weird: What mythical creature would improve the world most if it existed??

I will go with a griffon… why? Well… In case it could be domesticated… which I think it could be… I will have one… and I will skip all the stupidity of traffic jams and the stress of driving… I mean… who wants to be on a car trapped risking its life with the constant danger of crashing… when you can fly away on a marvelous creature that will defend and protect you? Well yes… if you fall you die, but you can where a parachute… we never know XD

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“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Jordan Lee should have been the narrator of the Queditch World Cup… but that is just me doing a tantrum…


I loved that this book was very long, it gave to me the sensation that nothing will end and that the horrible moment of his return will never come… but it did and now I know that business is going down!

I believe that “Hermio ni ni’s” importance was taken away on the movies. I knew that she was the reason why Potter was able to survive so long, but then I started reading the books… and she indeed was the reason why Harry did not die so long ago (besides other things). Now, I must confess that Harry seemed to be a useless kid, but then on the books my perspective changed completely. He might not be as good and such a prodigy as “Hermi ni ni”, but he is not a coward, and he proves that he can give a fight.

I will divide the book in 3 parts: The world Cup, the Triwizard Tournament, and the return of the Dark Lord. I think the world cup was needed. We always see how poor Potter is atacked, mistreated, bullied, and overwelmed with fame and his past. The cup part is just a way to give him a normal life, a relief of all this horrible things that happened and will happen… I mean he tried, at the end the death eathers ended up ruining everything, but he had it good for a few hours.

I see why the director of the movie removed Ludovic Bagman. I honestly see him as a flat and one dimentional character that does not add anything to the whole story. The most I will say he does is divert the attention and add suspicious to the whole problem of the trounament. “Sonorus”… I just love that! and something on the movie that I also loved was the comic relief of the cannon always going off before Dumbolder says so… I know this is not part of the story, but I see this harmelss and extremly funny. This whole tournament proved how good “Hermio ni ni” is regarding charms and spells… the training that she gives to Harry is just what he needed and will need for the rest of the books.

The return… well there is no much to tell about that… the story of how Voldemort killed his father and the whole monologue give us some light on the doings of this character. Something that the movie does not include or at least that I do not see as it was narrated on the book is how Voldermort is scared of the connection of the wands and the apparitions… Priori Incantatem… the singing of the phenix and… I mean he was petrified! that was priceless…

I will move on to another book, I am telling you… I am so happy that I had finally made the decision of reading these. I see why everybody is in love… since I am already falling. I have heard that the 4th book is the best one, or that a lot of people have it as their favorite, so I will let you know if that is true… I am currently reading an indie book as the author asked me to do so, so I will let you know about that.

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The Goblet of Fire

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“I think I finally understand why God went away and left the world to destroy itself.” ― Blake Crouch, Wayward and The Last Town


After a few months of reading and stopping of postponing and getting excited, I finally finished the trilogy of Pines. I guess you have already read my review of the first book, but if not, you have to do it right here. Here I will share the review of the second the third book. 

While reading, I started to wonder: Is Crouch retaking the Victorian fear initiated by Darwin? The theory that humankind can evolve and de-evolve. We will need to define if in this books, humanity is going backwards or forward.

It might not have the same effect it had had in the past, but the dangers are still present in the human gen. Save the human race, is that really needed? Isn’t humanity trying to destroy itself since the very beginning of time? Isn’t humanity the only reason why the world is dying? 

Are these intelligent monsters just a representation of the decay of humankind? Pines, Wayward, and Last Town include the same elements that gothic literature had back in the late 1800s. The scientist that plays god and we can clearly see that on the quote that I selected for this entry. Humanity is just going back to its roots. The horrors of the victorians include the fear of going savage and lose their civilization and civilized status. Multiple works have address this issue like “The Island of Dr Moreau” and others. 

I am a new era romantic, and I love the fact that nature always takes over whatever humanity has done, and I see the point of going back to nature and the importance of preservation. On this books, Crouch show us how humanity move into a savage state. For me, humanity is going back to where it came from, nature. Throughout the novels, we can see how nature has overtaken all the world and nature becomes the predominant specie present in the world. However, the questions is still there: did humanity evolve? or did it de-evolve?


Crouch not only shows this part of humanity, but also incurs on one of the most horrible actions of humanity: war. With the main character, Crouch shows the audile, the horrible repercussions of warfare and its psychological damage. Even though those skills become a nice set of assets for the main character, but aren’t those skills a mere representation of savagery? Aren’t we already de-evolved?

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Pines – Wayward Pines Thriller

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“We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others.” ― The Giver, Lois Lowry

kindle features(1).jpg

I have to say that I love this book, and all the deep interpretation that we can give it to it. Not only to what the author explains but to what she implies without saying any explicit words.

What make us individuals? Or why is individualism a threat to the government and to mind control? In a world where birthdays do not exist, where you cannot make your own decisions, where you are watched and controlled for the sake of stability and utopia. Is this living? is this life? To protect everybody from all the struggles of life will never work out. They protect the people from making mistakes. They don’t have the option to choose, everything is giving and they do not know better.

What is oppression? If you do not know what you are missing… its that still oppression? Living in ignorance is that safety or just blindness? In this book, Lowry shows how the government controls society to the very core of it. Sex, carriers, climate, dangers, dreams, and lies, all is under their control. They are in power, the people only exist but they do not live. The allusions and archetypes used on “The Giver” are just amazing. How the first thing that Jonas starts to see is the apple, the red apple. The original sin, the knowledge… a complete biblical allusion and the foreshadowing of the destruction of this “paradise”. The fact that they see all in black and white is another symbolism on how they are lost and are unable to see the world as it is.

The way Lowry depicts Jonas and the Giver as rebels flew me away, and rebels are usually the ones who think, know, and the ones who can see a different future and hope for the best for the people.

Regarding the characters, we see the archetype of the hero, Jonas, and the archetype of the journey. He goes from a process of stating to know and realization. We embarques in a journey of self discovery to save his brother and the people in town, and he reaches the point of boing back fast to where he knows he will be safe and he accomplishes his motion to save the town. The Giver is just the wise old man, the one that helps the hero on his journey, the universal symbol of knowledge and wisdom. He is even surrounded by books, and books have always been a danger for totalitarian governments.

I totally recommend this book, for everybody from kids to adults. It is such a good text for a mythological approach. This kind of books are the ones that make you think and the ones that try to make a difference. Perfection does not exist, and humans should never aim toward that. This reading is worth the time to read it as many times as possible.

Check also the audiobook. The performance is just superb!!

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The Giver

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“Mischief Managed.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Third book out of seven… and I have been watching the movies after I finish every book, and I have found them to be pretty close and I like them really much.


Once I started to watch the third movie, I found out that this one was more dark and somber than the rest, and this is because the director changed. His decisions are completely different from the previous director, and I like them good but there was so much left and some modifications done too. I know that the movies cannot be completely faithful to the book for different reasons, and one of them is the director.

I have watched the movies before and until now I am reading the books. So, in my ignorance I was always intrigued and felt like I needed to know more about Lupin but the movie left so much outside of this character, and all changed and most of all my doubts where completely cleared. I never knew the story of how Lupin was bitten by a werewolf, the story of the shake, the discovery of the map creators, and the magnificent role of Crookshanks.

I think the director wanted to give a more important role to Harry, even if is already the main character, to Harry as he is connecting all the dots of Sirius and Pettigrew in the movie. On the book, he is completely unaware of what is going on. The same thing happens with Lupin and Sirus Black. Some things are never explained on the movie, but on the book we are able to finally linked the dots by ourselves. The whole animagi classes and transformation made a lot of sense. The movie was, as I said, too gloomy, and I think that this book had more of a sentimental and touchy effect on the characters, mainly Harry.

We have so many important characters being introduced to the series and the story. Characters that will help the story to move on an that will touch and destroy our hearts later on. Rowling has started to weave a think web of events and so far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. It is magnificent to see how little by litter the beat of the story starts to move faster and darker.

So far, I will say that this is my favorite book of all as it starts to weave the net of complicated events, and I need to mention that the narrations of the Quidditch games are still hilarious! One more book out of the list! But I seem not to have enough so far of Harry Potter!

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