5 books I want to read by 2017

I try to keep it real… or at least I try. No sense in 3000 books a year or stuff like that. But as I said in the last post, I want to let you know that there are some books, besides all the ones I want to read that are in my top 5 list for this year, and hopefully I will be able to get it through the year alive and with 5 more books in my soul and in my Goodreads profile because why not? What gives you more of an accomplish feeling in life than that? Well a bunch of other stuff, but anyway.

Here are 5 must-books that I want to read this year! Or at least the ones that are in my road map for 2017!

#1: Everyone Brave is forgiven

everyone brave is forgivenThis all started with a beautiful recommendation. All since I have memory… not really, but for a long time I have seen “All The Light We Cannot See” and it caught my attention, but I never actually tried to read it. However, one day my BF told me: “Hey look at this!” and he sent me an Amazon Link, and I melted in my chair. This story… I do not know, I read the sinopsis and the Amazon review and I felt so overwhelmed with an insatiable desire of reading it and to follow the Amazon fellow review! From “All The Light We Cannot See” to “The Nightingale” this book was the best of the historical trio of WWII and will blow your mind.

Note: I started it already and my heart broke in a thousand pieces. T_T

#2: The Beginning of Everything

the biginning of everythingI should have started this list from the… be…gi…nning… shouldn’t I? … Bad joke… sorry. I found this book a while back in the Bookoutlet.com for a really low price and I loved the cover of it and its colors. So flashy and so colorful. I read the sinopsis… all I like and want on a book: coming of age, high school drama, what to do with one’s life when a crisis clashes against us, how you find love where you never thought it was there on that specific place or person. These books are so light and easy to read that make you feel all comfy at home while reading in bed under your comforter. I will let you know how it goes, and it if is actually that good. I have high hopes for this one.

#3: Starry Night

starry night

Another contribution from Bookoutlet. I told you I bought on that site a lot. The sale was: 50% off on pretty cover books, and I mean, look at it, the cover is beautiful. I know “One should not judge the book by its cover”, but let’s be real… everybody does it… we even judge by author… or maybe it is just me but don’t judge me… and yes, it is another teenagers love story. I think that is just so sweet and easy to read. It seems to be that story where the character has the perfect life, and then it meets this person that wreck it or turn it upside down. You know, depending on the author the teenage drama and how they create these glass of water storms tend to be touching and entertaining. I might like this book, so wait for it!

#4: In the lake of the woods

in the lake of the woods

What is live without a little bit of terrifying and anguishing dread? Mystery, suspense, and sit at the edge of the chair. The secrets behind the story. The dark characters. The necessity and anxiety to know what happen? The other side of the love couples, what about the hateful couples? Love is pretty but there is just one step to hate and disdain. I bought this book in Amazon while back, like 6 years ago, and I have it sitting on the shelf, but I think it is time to start and to finish it, don’t you think? I tried to read it one day at the beach but there were so many things to do, and I just wanted to take the sun, sleep, and have fun socializing… weird.. Isn’t? Way older than Gone Girl but might it be the origins of this tendency that I love? Of messed up couples and secrets that destroy not only their lives but the ones around them?

Notes: It was published back in 1994.

#5: Now and Zennow and zen

And now what? Only Zen? What is better to find oneself than a trip to the exotic, mystical, millennial, cultural, old Japan? Such place has so many things to teach and learn. So much energy is clustered in those breathtaking shires and geographical wonders. A teenager story, short, sweet, again exotic. Something I have never seen. Go to Japan? Yes, I want to go! Visit Mt. Fuji? I would hate myself if I don’t. Who are we? Where are we trying to find in ourselves? The story of a young girl that wants to fall in love, and let’s forget about Paris, who doesn’t want to have this summer love in a foreign land with a foreigner? A little treat for the end of the year, I bet this book will be sweet! Wait for it! ‘Cause I am already waiting!

If you wish to check the Goodreads profile, hey! Feel free to go there!

GoodReads – Myprofile

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.

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