In the constant search for Kindle sales!

kindle sales

I am the kind of person that buys “smart” or at least is really lucky to find sales wherever I go… I hope you have already read “How to Wisely buy Physical books!” for you to have an idea where I am going with this post.

Saving is a daily word. I have this litter calendar with words, and all the words that it has is “save” and “frugality.” I try to get the best for the money that I pay for, and I am a weird reader and buyer of books, and I must be honest with you: besides all the benefits and features that having a Kindle has or nook or whatever other device you use to read… I just cannot settle to the idea of buying an ebook for $10 or more when the paperback one cost less or the same. You can throw a few more bucks and you can even get the hardcover one.

I might be old schooled but would rather have the smell of paper in my face when I submerged myself on its stories, and I refuse to spend that much money in one single digital book. I accept that ereading have a lot of benefits, and they will be mentioned in another post later one, but I need to feed the cats and myself.

So, after a heated debated between me and the other 12 voices in my head. We or I reached an agreement… I will buy an ebook only and only if it is for $3 or less, and depending on the sale, I might spend a little bit more. I have a Kindle Fire and I feel like a stalker… Every day, at night, I take my Kindle, go to the Kindle store and look for sales. They have monthly sales, daily sales, series sales, and so on. Save the book on your wishlist! The site will let you know if the book decreased in price. The authors can do flash sales and the price will rise slowly. The excitement of spending money and the rush of adrenaline! Just like buying stocks in Wall Street, but less dangerous…

Now, I keep talking about my Kindle Fire, but I am talking for myself. You do not need to have a Kindle to have access to this sales. The app is free and is available for pretty much every single device on Earth… You can also go to the site and you will find the sales there. On my constant look up, I have gotten fine books for a low cost. The Pines series by Blake Crouch for $5.97 the three books, Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda for $2.99, The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen for $1.99. I even saw Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth for $3 or $4… but that one I rather to have it in hardcover… have you seen at that a jack and cover? You have to feel it and smell it…

I will try to keep you posted on these sales if there is any good sale that catches my attention. So, you better follow me on Twitter or on Facebook for news not only on this but on other topics!

If you wish to check the Goodreads profile, hey! Feel free to go there!

GoodReads – Myprofile

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.


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