Rainy night? Take advantage and read any of these books!

There are some books that should be read in specific moments in live! That, however, does not mean that you cannot read them in any other moment, but just imagine yourself sitting on you couch with a blanket in your lap all comfy and warm. You look at the window in your living room and you find out that it is heavily raining. You hear every single drop hitting the roof of your house and the window in front of you. That lovely smell of wet earth clings up your nostrils and you breath deeply and feel all the nature get into your body. The light is dimly and it got dark way too fast. You snuggled on your blanket and feel save and then pick up the book that you are so excited to read, and these are the ones that will be perfect for this scenario

Navigating Early


This story about a lost boy in a new boarding school. He finds comfort in another boy whose name is particularly rare “Early”. However, the synopsis of the book gives some hints of what Jack will be doing and who is actually discovering who. Two boys embarking in an adventure that not only is physical but also personal and psychological. Jack will navigate Early, and Early will embark on the deep waters of Jack. They will both have the same adventure, but I think they will have different kind of trips. Award winner of Michael L. Printz Award seems promising and makes me want to start reading it as soon as the rainy season starts.



Beastly, a modern remake of an old time fairy tale. The story is not quite too original, but it is well written. This story about a rich and spoiled teenager from New York exposes the horrible features of the opulence of some kids that believe that money is all and can make it all. What are the true faces behind the million-dollar masks? Snow, possibility, hope, true love, roses, gardening, literature, and starry nights will guide us into a war story of impossible love and unrealistic scenarios that will make a true dreamer shiver with enthusiasm.

The Fault in Our Stars


The book that we all know. The movie that we all watched. The story that had make us all wept in silence sobs in our bedrooms. This story that makes us grab our blanket tightly. This story exercised all our facial muscles from smiling widely, to cry loudly, to sob silently, to hope eagerly, to hug tightly. Perfectly narrated, characters well built up and a story that will make you want to snuggle while grabbing the book with all your fingers until you finish the last bit of it.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Lovely Charlie and his deep and troubling story. Why do you cry so much? Why are you so sweet and so lovely? Why are you so sad? What are you hiding when school is not as horrible as it seems? When you finally fit in with the most amazing people you could ever imagine. Being popular is not the most important part of high school, but friendships are built up on those years. The most emotional and complicated years of one’s life all narrated from the point of view of a damaged boy. Literature, friendship, ride of a passage, and hidden smiles that make you keep reading until 4am of the next day. This book is completely adorable to snuggle with.

I’ll Give You the Sun


A picturesque story, a celestial experience of gods and myths colliding together. Love, friendship, ride of passages, the lost of family and the lost of love. This book makes you read and read and also every time you flip a page, you get closer to the book, until you nose is touching the pages and smelling the sweetness that is exhaled by this perfect narration. Each quote of this book makes you smile, makes you gasp, makes you sign to the point of shivering and getting warm in this rainy night. Forget your cocoa, forget your blanket because you are getting global warming.


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Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”.



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