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How Madeline broke my heart! ““Go” She says. “He waits for you.”” ― Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles

Pride, LGBTQI, Love, Achilles, Sweet dreams, Greek Mythology, Literary Fiction, book that makes you cry

Tech Summary: Read from June 22, 2018, to June 29, 2018.

Miller broke my heart in a thousand pieces with a 10 year old master piece of queer literature… She literally takes you from the sweetest dreams to the salties nightmare of heartache, and finishes you with the bitter-sweet conclusion that there is love after live – Inkish Kingdows

Hello, my book royalist! If you stick around, you know that there were three reasons why I read this book:

  1. You helped me out to pick this book from my TBR list! (I need your help again! I don’t know what to read from my list! Help me out!)
  2. A friend said that I would love this book!
  3. It was Price Month! Who wouldn’t I read this based on the month and the tactics?

I must confess that the 10 years that Miller took to write this book… was totally worth it!

I wrote the Goodreads review in tears of heartache! I was so destroyed by how the last 50 pages of the book developed. I had so many emotions! I disliked Odysessus so much and Pyrrha was the worst! But I think that Odysseus got his redemption and Pyrrha… well, nobody cares…

Thetis was another character that gave me such a hard time! For me, she was the representation of religion and the repressive society we live in. How she was so against the pure, honest, and sweet love that they felt for each other. I mean, they were together around 15 years together! 15 years in Greeks time! Do you imagine that? They went through war and hell, literally, together! She was such a complex character. She hated Patroclus so much but at the end, she indulged him the last and sweetest wish ever. <—– This is what wrecked me to pieces!

I couldn’t avoid to see a huge similarity between Brokeback Mountain and The Song of Achilles, and this is how nature is an element of protection! In Brokeback Mountain, they run to the mountains to be “free” and to love freely, and Patroclus and Achilles do the same. Hidden up in the mountain, they managed to love each other without fear of being condemned by “Religion” and / or “Society”! For me, this highlights again how natural love is.

I will love this book and I will recommend it to as many people I know. This is a must read in queer literature. I cannot pick one quote, so I have included a few… I hope you love them and that they moved you as much as they did me.

“I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world.”

“I will be this, always, for as long as he will let me”

So, the kingdom has given this book:

It seems that your majesty is pleased and the knights have spoken!

If you wish to check the Goodreads profile, hey! Feel free to go there! I have added the link to the review and the rating I gave to this book.

GoodReads – My profile

The Song of Achilles

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Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”

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10 thoughts on “How Madeline broke my heart! ““Go” She says. “He waits for you.”” ― Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles”

    1. 😮 don’t worry, I think there are so many out there that I sometimes feel lost and behind the gossip and trends xD
      Oh my… This book is so good! I mean it T.T it did broke my heart like in the good way?? :3

      Thank you very much for commenting!!! :3


  1. God, your titles always make me smile.. I love them. 🙂 I wish I’m as creative as you. hehe..

    Anyways… Great review. I’ve always wanted to try Miller’s books but haven’t gotten round it yet. But your review made me push it in my immediate TBR. 🙂
    Happy reading always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww staph it haha I am happy you feel like that!! :3 you are so kind :3

      Aww that is so cool! You already have the book?? They are so good and so sweet… I mean it is a must read! I swear to the gods of Olympus that you will enjoy it!! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For a second I thought that book was also from the same author haha I swear that you will not be disappointed 😮 I am so adding The Seven Husbands to my list then! 😮


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