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Have this in your books, and I am hooked!

Hello book royalists!

I have been wondering what makes a book great or what makes a book… well not that great… We all have our quirks and favorite elements in the books that make us love the book or simply… DNF it… I want to share with you what makes a book great and I would love to know what makes a book great for you too! Let’s do 5:


A Clear Topic

This one is a bit tricky to explain but it is mainly that if your book is about… well… I don’t know… pizza… make it about… pizza… If your book is about pizza, and then you start talking about how to make burgers and then eating the burger, and then you forgot about the pizza so you mention it a second, and then you go back to hot dogs, and the resolution of the book are aliens… you lost me… I know that writing a book is not easy and that we might have so many ideas going on around our heads that we want to put them all together, but pizza and aliens don’t seem to go together… If the book has many topics or many ideas, they have to be really well enter twined and forged together to make it great or to not lost me in the reading. Lost me and my interest.

PD: pizza and aliens… write that down XD


Make me feel things

This one is super easy. I believe that if the author takes you into a rollercoaster of emotions… real emotions the book is excellently well written and you can totally connect with the characters. If the book makes you laugh, makes you cry like a baby, makes you jump or scream, or makes you shiver or sigh so hard and deep that you fall off the nook you are reading… it is worth your time and a shout out.

I am conflicted with the reaction of “revulsion”. If a character makes you feel that or even hate or you just want that character to stop talking… I think that is a good job of making a character so despicable… but that is a sword of two edges as if you do that you might not like to keep going… Please don’t make your main character like that… if you do… you lost me… again.


Real and unpredictable twists

I think we all love these ones. I am that kind of reader and person that tries to analyze everything and predict the outcome of a lot of things… do you feel me? Okay, so if I am reading a book, I love to speculate and guess how this is going to end and how are we going to get there… If I am on that train of “haha I know you well enough to bet my house on the ending of this book” and then you change all the things 180 degrees, you got me hooked for personal reasons… and homeless. I am not saying that predictability is bad, but I love unpredictably and unreliable narrators!


A world of possibilities

I love literary fiction, fiction, and fantasy, and a lot of other genres, but I love when the book shows me a world of possibilities. Like full fantasy of creation or the illusion of doing and having it all. I have read a few indie books that has this specific element. You can create and be wherever you want to be. I think that when I was a child a dreamed with magic and power like the cartoons, so these books call the inner child in me. Interesting enough, I love real live situations well written because at the end it is a world of possibilities… I could be there or I don’t want to be there. I don’t know I like it. haha


Teach me something

Philosophical approach! So, like the canon, I really enjoy a story with a good moral. A story with a purpose and not mainly to entertain. I find really interesting the book that has a human experience and shows me a perspective of life that I don’t have or haven’t had yet. Literary fiction comes into play here and also historical fiction. Usually, these books approach topics that you might not find in other books and when they do, they do it really clear and with a lot of support for their ideas. For example, a memoir that narrates the struggles of a Japanese man excaping North Korea, or the struggles of Victorian women against a chovinistic society, or the problems of racism during the segregation. Political and sociological issues are so appealing. Those books are so worth reading!

Which books do you find that fit into this 5 categories?

Can you recommend me any books that fall into this categories?

Do you agree with my selection?

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD

13 thoughts on “Have this in your books, and I am hooked!”

      1. I am working on something to publish on tapas, I will let you know when I do! Everything else I’ve written so far have been in Danish :/
        Well I kind of agreed with all of it, so I’m sure other people do too ๐Ÿ˜€ But it’s a great post ๐Ÿ™‚

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