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Best 5 books of the year 2018!

Hello book royalist!

This year has been full of books! Audiobooks! and a lot of fun for the same! And even though I was successful with my Goodreads goal… I have to decide which are my favorite books! Why you ask… and I reply why not? So here it is! The thining!

Book #5

The 5th Wave

This title was simple really really good! It is the regular dystopian-ish kind of story with plot twists and expected results to be almost fan made. Although it was a bit “predictable”, the author’s style was really good. The change of views, from one character to another, and the speech that Cassie has, almost demented, was really really good and catchy. In the end, she was alone…

Book #4

The Naturalist

I am an Amazon fan! so I have kept around the Kindle releases and the books to be published. I saw The Naturalist every time that I got into the Kindle section and after months of seeing it and the author following me on Twitter… I signed up to Kindle Unlimited. The book got me from the very beginning! I read the first three pages and I was rushing at 11 pm to read as much as possible! I loved it! The quirkiness of the main character and how he managed all the events in his life! Was absolutely incredible! And I think that the narrator Will Damron did an amazing job with that book!

Book #3


I did not read this book, but I listen to it. I saw this book in book outlet so many times and I just ignored it so bad… because the cover was so… simple? Shame on me for judging it based on its cover! So I read this part of a book club at my work and I totally love it!!! It was incredible! All the plot twists that you were so not expecting! I was speculating the end of the book and the events to come and I fail so much on my predictions that Apollo would have fired me haha

Book #2

The Song of Achilles

I don’t know if you read the review or follow me on Twitter, you should though… the link is at the end of the review XD. I commented so much about this book, and I wanted to devour it! but I control myself to read it and absorb all the story and all the love and misery that I felt reading this. Would I read it again? Yes, I will try the Audiobook… Would I recommend this? Hell yes! I have done so… so many times!

Book #1

Highly Illogical Behavior

Okay… so I started the 2018 year with the right foot! Why? Because the best book I read this year… I did it at the beginning of the year! John’s book was incredible! I love it from page 3 as well and I laugh so bad and wonder where this is going and root for something to happen that was not supposed to happen. I read this book like in 1 day but I had to stop because I got sleepy… I recommended to a friend and he said that he simply love it and was his favorite book from the same author! John thank you for such an amazing book!

Honorable mentions!

Check out the reviews for the honorable mentions of favorite books that didn’t make it to the top 5!

Percy Jackson

This saga was really in the top 5 since the beginning of the year and even though it made me cry of laughter and sadness, and made me root for the characters and made me buy other 8 books from the same author… The other books have something else that slightly made them move to the top 5… Have I recommend this books? Hell yes! Book club wise at work and even a friend has my 5 books and he is about to finish them… a week ago I have them to him XD

Every Day

I really like this book and honestly I don’t understand how this has 2 more books. I haven’t read them though, I have one and I will check how it goes for that one to get the third one. I enjoy a lot the author’s point of views in sexuality, humanity, gender, and how it try to make us empathizes with others. I enjoy this book but I must be honest that it was a bit slow… almost there almost!

Dile a Marie Que la Quiero

This book is in Spanish and I read it so fast despite my constant crying, suffering, and paying! I was hurting honestly reading this book. WWII books are really good and I think they attempt to exploit your sad part and the more you cry the better the book, but it was really good… and I cannot say I had fun reading it haha but it made me feel a lot of feelings, haha if you know Spanish, you can give it a try!

Dishonorable mention!

The Outsider

I understand all the hyped every time King publishes a book, but this book was a huge disappointment. I listed the audiobook… 18 hours and 40 minutes … and it was slow, boring, intriguing though… but the resolution and the villain… I don’t know… I want my time back…

Have you read any of these books?

Do you agree with my picks? or do you disagree with them?

Let’s talk!

If you wish to check me out on other platforms, we are literally everywhere! XD

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21 thoughts on “Best 5 books of the year 2018!”

    1. That is quite an different opinion hmm everyone loves this one and “hates” the rest, but they are quite good but different. I loved the crazy speech of Cassie in the first book, which is something that is not in the others. But the other ones tell more stories and show how the world is saved as a group haha

      Erik let me tell you something… your boyfriend and bestfriend made an AMAZING investment! Be proud hahaha that saga is amazing! Haha

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