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Indie Book Review: “Fourth Courier” by Timothy Jay Smith

Hello book royalists!

I am so happy to be able to share with you this amazing news! We got another author requesting for us to read their book! This was such good news and we are so happy! and the book was really good!

So let’s see how it went!!

Brewed in a crumbling and miasmic city of post-war Poland, the awarded style of Timothy Jay Smith delivers in our table a first-class concoction for the crime scene! Treason, crossing hearts, and foul play are the main events in this glorious novel written by this emerging best selling author! The communist have crashed like the giants they were: loud, hard, and with a shock, and as people attempt to survive and find their freedom, others try to bring havoc for selfish decisions.- Inkish Kingdoms

Tech Summary: Read from January 28, 2019, to February 23, 2018.

The story is so catching, well written, and the best part is knowing pretty much all before everyone else. You and the policemen are together linking the dots. The crime, the criminals, are so close to you that you could totally smell their breath if you weren’t looking the other way. The author has given you first class tickets to the world premiere, and you are about for the show of your life.

The mood and setting is a post-war post-Soviet Union fall. The seasons play such an important role of the novel and it is so subtle like the snow falling on winter and a flower blooming on spring. The novel has this gloom, deserted, arid, cold, and unknown mood… the kind of feeling of a foreigner trying to find his way on the aridness of the aftermath of communism and corruption.

I must say that I got lost, a bit, with the names, but one gets to know them. From speech traits to an egotistical symptom, Timothy develops such great characters. They are so rich, detailed, and with strong personality definition. Some of the characters are multidimensional and their personalities have a pivotal role in the novel. You get to know them from their experience and also from the eyes of the rest of the characters. The professionalism of this novel blows me away to another level. The writing is so well done and the events extremely sew together that even the smallest clue is important.
I got the feeling of watching one of those old cops movies. That spider web of treachery, spies, and the daredevil policemen and investigators, all these make the reading of this novel incredibly joyful! As everything falls into place and dramatic events happened and some threats are still lost, the author changes the mood poetically and metaphorically! The seasons might be late but in Warsaw spring will come.

S o, the kingdom has given this book:

5 coronas

It seems that your majesty is pleased and the knights have spoken!

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