We are entrepreneurs which main business is book reviews and book editing. Inkish Kingdoms was founded by a literature graduate and brought to life by an International Affairs graduate. Our main line of business is reading, reviewing, and analyzing books and other stories. We also provide constructive feedback to those who wish us to review their work.

Every idea starts with a letter, a manifesto that is now a book. This blog is a constellation of thoughts that come out of those hundreds, thousands, millions, of books that today helped us build our empire: Inkish Kingdoms. A litterateur and an internationalist, that once dreamed a kingdom and today write on it. “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free” (Frederick Douglass)

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    1. Aww that’s so sweet and so nice! I hope you like what I share and write! I will totally be keeping an eye on your blog and other platforms :3
      We should all share the love! I am 100% honest here x3

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      1. Honey bum- that´s what this is all about! Being honest and sharing the love 🙂 Now, I gotta check out more of your reviews. No one´s gonna read them for me ( although, wouldn´t that be a fab idea? * wipe tears away* ❤

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