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Reading is not only a hobby… reading is a lifestyle! A lifestyle that we take seriously to the point of making everything possible to get the best out of each read and experience. We are part of subscriptions… and we go to places to create memories with what we get. Please feel free to join us in this and other exciting adventures!

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We are all under a budget, right? So the cheaper we get what we love that will assure that we can get even more books… right? Why would I spend $35 on 3 books… when I can get 11 books for the same price? Bookoutlet is amazing! and you will love it!

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One of the best subscriptions I found with the best price and the most beautiful books is Book of the Month or BOTM! The price is so manageable and you will get a special BOTM edition and FREE shipping within the US! Honestly, their books are beautiful! You get 1 credit to get one book from the selection of the month, and if you want, you can buy 2 more! Once you start, you will not want to stop this plan! and if you don’t like the selection, just skip that month!

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What is more beautiful than discounts? what is more beautiful than a new copy?

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I must confess that I am a bit obsessed with this boxes! These ones have really cute and fluffy things from Pokemon to Hello Kitty! and another bunch of things that would you love to hug and squiz to dead! JK haha. I mean they also have Sailor Moon stuff and other things that you can use in your daily blogging life! Give it a try! and use this link! $5 off immediately! This is the best way to save and enjoy!

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We love to eat here and there while reading! We drink tea, coffee, or little refreshers that will keep us on reading! and Tokyo Treat has become that amazing snacky friend! Join us here: By using this link you will get $5 off! and shipping… IS FREE WORLDWIDE!

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