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Please note that as of right now, we are not accepting new books for review due a hiatus period. Thank you very much for your understanding.


We are offering our platform to all those indie authors and publishers that want to have their books expose to a book-related community!

We have been doing this for quite some time! We understand that authors wish to have their books read and share with the rest of the world! We deeply believe that sharing love and supporting each other is a way to make a difference!

If you are an author and/or a publisher, keep reading to understand more about our services!

  1. We will have a small and professional review to be added to your book or product description on your selling page!

We offer different tiers for our book reviews, and you can donate to us through Ko-Fi! You can check out tier below with a full explanation for your donation. (We accept Kindle (Mobi), epub, and even PDF files, so no printing or shipping charges for you or me)

Book Review Donations*

  1. Please be aware that all book reviews will be unbiased, honest, respectful, and professional. This donation service does not translate into a recommendation to read the book nor a high star rating.
  2. We work through coffee donations using (
  3. Inkish Kingdoms review books on their multiple accounts such as Goodreads, our site,  Ko-Fi, and other retail sites, where your book might be available and where we might have an account.
  4. Inkish Kingdoms will share the review on social media. Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  5. We offer 2 types of reviews:
    1. Crown Review. 8 coffees (0 to 399 pages) (1 coffee = $3)

      1. Review of the book on sites
    2. Majesty Review. 10 Coffees (0 to 399 pages) (1 coffee = $3)
      1. Review of the book on sites
      2. Bookish photo shared on Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook
  6. Please keep in mind that for books that go from 400 to 500 pages, 2 extra coffees are needed, and from 501 to 1000, 4 extra coffees on top of the current donation. (For 1001 and on, please contact us first and before any specific donation.
  7. Contact us through: Where are the kings? with your information and let us know about your interests. Also, please contact us before any donation to ensure that what we offer is what you are looking for.
  8. How to donate?
    1. Once you have made up your mind and have contacted us. Do the following:
      1. Go to Ko-Fi and donate the amount that you wish
      2. Add a private message of support with the book review that you want us to work in.
      3. Contact us to let us know it is done! (we are all about the communication)
      4. We will contact you back with further questions or updates.
  9. A way to improve the exposure of your title is by sharing our reviews, pictures, and posts on social media. So please, use all your social media accounts to share our reviews. Ex: Share our Facebook post on your news feed, share the Instagram photo on your story or feed. Pin the review on your Pinterest account. Share the review on your Twitter account.

*These donations are not refundable.

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Small Review Sample

Sent for Life guides us through a journey of bad decisions taken by Donovan to an amazing and intergalactic adventure. Marked by misfortune, the main character is literally hunt by bad luck or just faith. An incredible story that proves that what does not kill you, makes you stronger – Inkish Kingdoms

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Indie Review: Send for Life by Jason Turri

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